Santoku Keyboard Kit - Black
Santoku Keyboard Kit - Black
Santoku Keyboard Kit - Black
Santoku Keyboard Kit - Black
Santoku Keyboard Kit - Black
Santoku Keyboard Kit - Black
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Santoku Keyboard Kit - Black

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Currently accepting US Orders only. International shipping coming soon.

  • Black kits are Revision 1 (first update to the kit).
  • White Kits are from the first production run.


  • A tightly integrated Pointing Stick (Trackpoint) with dedicated mouse buttons that are usable with either hand for comfortable navigation.
  • The ability to split apart for use as a one piece board or split depending on your need and location, providing versatility and flexibility.
  • A rotary encoder in the style of a traditional mouse scroll wheel for scrolling through documents and easy navigation.
  • An OLED Display to display the keyboard's status and keymaps.
  • Open source QMK firmware so you can hack the keyboard to perform almost any way you like, providing endless customization options.

Assembly and Support:

  • We have worked very hard to make assembly as easy as possible. All of the smallest SMD components are presoldered during PCB manufacturing, simplifying the assembly process. The builder only needs to solder key switches and pins.
  • Extensive text and picture documentation is available.
  • Assembly videos are available.
  • Additional product shots and a short video walk-through are available.
  • Contact us on our Discord, Mr. Zealot's Discord, or via email for support, providing easy access to assistance.

Parts you will need for assembly:

  • Each Santoku base kit comes with every part and component required except for Kailh Choc keyswitches, keycaps, and an Elite-C microcontroller. These items can be purchased in our store or you can supply your own if you already have a favorite.
  • The Santoku kit includes high-quality, durable parts from Kailh, including micro switches and rotary encoder for frequent use.

Tools you will need for assembly:

  • A soldering iron and solder
  • A small screwdriver capable of turning m1.6 and m2 screws
  • Wire snips. This is for cutting the diode leg wires (for hotswap sockets) and for cleaning up any jaggies on the nonslip grips
  • Rotary cutter (Dremel Tool) for cutting the notches in the key caps

Useful, but not required:

  • A multimeter is useful if you need to troubleshoot any connections (especially if you're uncertain about your soldering skills). The cheapest one you can find is probably good enough.
  • Needlenose pliers will be helpful for inserting wires into the hotswap sockets.
  • A strip of Kapton tape is extremely useful but not included (we're working on sourcing this)